Scope of Mobile App Development Guide: Students, Graduates Must Check

Scope of Mobile App Development Guide: Students, Graduates Must Check

In today’s post we will talk about app development, specifically what is the scope of app development?

Scope of Mobile App Development Guide: Students, Graduates Must Check

should you choose app development, why do most people talk about app development? Do not do this or are not going into this field, above all you will discuss about all the surrounding regions, how much scope is there, what is the future and the special thing about this channel is that here There are very mature people, so here they don’t just close their eyes and believe in anything, they need a logic, they need common sense that yes, you tell me these grounds, you tell me these reasons, you tell me these data facts, tell me and then I can decide. What is my opinion about this? So people do not come here with closed eyes just carrying the flag of DSA or carrying the flag of development.

Facts and an open minded opinion

Here we have you people who are very mature and understand things, that is why I am in front of you. I want to keep all the facts and an open minded opinion so that you can also decide what is app development, why is app development and what should be done for app development.

Now first of all, watch it when you When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is look at Instagram. And this is a fact. You also do not need any data bag for this. All your friends also look at it like this and then it seems like you have talked to a friend. Go and see that too, mostly you would be watching it in an app instead of on any portal.

After that whatever work you have to do like I want to make some notes or make a day planner for today, you would probably do that in the app only. You want entertainment. Or you are requesting them that please bring the app, then when all the work is being done inside the app and the market is moving so aggressively these days inside the app, then why is there not so much talk about app development today?

Web development Scope

Also we are talking about the same things that web development and all this and is app development so much then web development is over no it is not so see web development has its own demand but there is a new market segment inside the market. Nowadays its name is App Development, now the demand is there, you have already understood it by common sense and by analyzing your day, all the work is being done inside the app, so the requirement of app development is very high and I am telling you one fact about the industry.

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Jobs Opening in Web Development

And let me tell you, please suggest, if there is any vacancy where there is a requirement of web developers or developers, then please suggest where there will be thousands of your web developers on one vacancy, then as soon as you go to find an app developer, it will be difficult to find 10. 15 applications come if you are looking for an app developer, mobile app developer, after that if you said that it is okay, there is a app developer, then maybe 10 to 15 people come with the application, but as soon as you said mobile app developer, then this application requirement. The number of direct applications comes five or four, yes, that’s all and apart from this, if you ask which people have published apps, then maybe only 1 people will come, but if in iOS, only one or hardly two people will come who have published apps in iOS. If you have published your app, then how does the interview take place? There is nothing but discussion about salary and that’s it, when the applications are not coming, then this is the fact of the market.

Practical, practical and Practical

There are many people around you who also know about web development. A few people are doing app development etc. But come, app development or the hybrid app development, cross platform app development, there are only a few people in it. Now let us see what is the reason behind all this. Let’s see, whenever any company, instructor or teacher launches its course, then it is obvious that these courses should either be of high price, then you can afford to launch these courses or if you are doing it at a lower price. So you should have a mass audience.

Now we all know that most of the mass audience wants to do interview preparation first, there is no harm in that, so they produce DSA courses or basic development courses there. Now they When 1000-2000 people buy the courses, at the price of 2-3000 then they make sense of the courses so that we can cover all the remaining expenses.

There is the price of your streaming, there is the cost of the instructor, there is the development team, there is the content creation team, it takes a lot of teams. Unless you have such a market size for a course that 2 to 3000 people can buy it and we keep the pricing at 3 to 4000, then it does not make sense to get 3000 or 2000 people in the course and app development.

Should you buy course or not?

hose who buy your course is almost next to impossible in the current phase, especially in India, that is why you will see less YouTubers talking on this topic or even talk about app development. There is a market demand but because it is not fulfilled. It is happening due to business criteria, that is why it is talked about less and not only this, why is the demand less because see, while doing DSA, I will not take anyone’s name, many companies also do this during the sales pitch.

I have heard that you do not have a laptop, no problem, still take our DSA course, practice on a copy pen and when you get a laptop, you can buy it. However, my personal opinion for the code is That is, unless you have a laptop, you cannot practice, do not buy any coding course, but still it is done, sales have their own techniques and some are bad, some are good, I will not give this opinion, it just happens but app development.

There is a field which is not for the weak hearts. Now whether you consider it bad or consider it a challenge, but yes, most of the people who come into app development run away very quickly. Yes, it is a fact, see what happens inside app development. First of all, if you have a basic system which is of 4gb 6gb ram, that system will not run, the development is very laggy in it and is not even possible, you need a decent decent size machine which is suitable for app development. Now get it done in a decent sized machine.

First of all, you will have to install A Studio, which is a heavy end software in itself. After that, you will have to install simulators also. Many times, there may be some simulator of A. Be it some kind of simulator, that is also a heavy process in itself, although you can do the rest of the development in your real phone, but you never reach there because it is the same thing, na nach na yaane aangan tedha thing that yes, it will be done by us.

We don’t have the system, otherwise we don’t have to go. In development, many people give up because of this and people need an excuse to run away. Now many people may be working in Flutter. Do you want it or in React Native and they say that I don’t have a device of AO, hence I am not learning development, Hey, your code was the same code base, you could have tested in A, you will not be able to do the testing but you will be able to write the code.

But still people just want a chance to escape, so they say no, no, I do n’t want to do any development, hence this is also a reason that many people do not have good system because of lack of knowledge there. Because what kind of system requirement is there, we run there. Well, let’s assume that someone has a good 8GB or 16GB Windows 7 because you have a lot of environment variables, a lot of things are installed and the size of the things are also big.

Your project file is about 1GB and you create two-three projects, it becomes 23GB, so much load of downloading and uploading, although the internet has become cheaper but it is still a challenge, that is why many people run away thinking that this is Sub path variable is not being set by us, Hello World is not printed, the instructor taught poorly, youtube0 is not happening, then we try something else, we do not want to go into everything, so this is also a reason that many people just They are not able to make a Hello World app, hence they switch from the app very quickly and I don’t consider it a bad thing, when it is not happening then they go somewhere else because if they keep busy then it is obvious that there is something there. You excel but these are the reasons why there is less talk about app development. For the purpose of an instructor, for the purpose of a company, you do not have that many people to whom you can teach PUBG development.

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