India’s most followed Development Roadmap for College Students & Graduates in 2024

India’s most followed Development Roadmap for College Students & Graduates in 2024

You people must have seen a lot of road maps where it tells you what you should do, how to become a data scientist, how to become a web developer, how to crack job interview with DSA, but in this post I will tell you what not to do in this road map totally.

This is about what you should not do while learning development, it is a bit unique but it is a very good post, yes, how are you all, welcome to

I will tell you a small story about the road map that Shubham is following. India’s most followed Development Roadmap for College Students & Graduates in 2024

Now what is Shubham that he is a very interesting character and you will know about him. You should know about this so that if you have not been able to do work like this, then Shubham is our second year student. What is Shubham, is he from any IIT or NIT? Otherwise, he is in the first year, so his entire year is in this matter.

What if you did not get IIT?

I thought, I couldn’t get into IIT, you know, I stayed in IIT with this number of marks, should I apply again or should I stay in this college and the first year was spent thinking this and telling this story. As soon as Gaya and second year come, Shubham has started his introduction. Shubham’s introduction starts like this, My name is Shubham, I am from a tier three college. More than people brag about IIT NIT, Shubham is his victim card. I always play that I am from Tier 3 college. Now see one thing is certain, there are IITs and NITs in India worth counting on one hand. Leave aside these IITs and NITs, after this people count all the colleges as Tier 3. There are some good ones.

India's most followed Development Roadmap for College Students & Graduates in 2024

Engineering Private Colleges

There are engineering private colleges on which you will find reviews all over, I don’t know how people give reviews of the college, I will discuss about these also sometime in my free time, but except IIT and NIT, apart from that, all the colleges count it in tier three only. And everyone always feels the same that earlier the company used to come, now it is not coming, earlier there were many jobs, now there is no market, earlier it was very good, now it is in recession, when I did engineering so many years ago, even then the market was in recession, today Even when the market is in recession, there was a lot of demand for good skilled engineers.

Demand of Engineers in India

There is a lot of demand for good skilled engineers even today, so this story goes on forever but now the introduction of Shubham starts like this whenever we ask what do you do Shubham, my name is Shubham. Shubham, I am from a tier three college, so first of all Shubham plays his victim’s RDI. Now Shubham felt that he will have to do something and nowadays off campus and remote jobs, open source, all this is very popular, so what do I do or DSA etc. So later we will learn the road map on this, we will bring it some other time. Now I will start a development. Now Shubham thinks that development means only web development, so Shubham ji has set out to learn development.

Software Development Skill

Now Shubham ji does not know that Software development is a skill in itself, it is not just web development, it is also app development, software development is also back end development, desktop app is also development, development is development but but it is okay, Shubham ji feels that this is the way the work is done. So Shubham saw a good road map and started his journey. Now Shubham thought that first of all we should start with our basic front end development because that is the easiest. So Shubham started HTML and then started studying. After CSS, I read a little bit of JavaScript and after that, I remembered that before JavaScript, I should do more CSS frameworks, then Shubham started it and asked someone that boot strap is the best framework, this should come, Shubham.

Bootstrap Language

Read a little about boot strap and then watched a video where it was said that no boot strap has become old and now we work on material design etc. So Shivam thought let’s leave it and watch a crash course on the material like While we were looking at this, we came to know that a new term has come in the market, Tail Wind CSS, so now we will have to study Tail Wind. Shubham saw a crash course on Tail Wind and thought that it is okay, now we have become Tail Wind and JavaScript is my knowledge. Half was done, let’s read only React, what will we do after reading the rest of JavaScript? I saw some basics of JavaScript and jumped into React. I saw some crash courses of React and made two-three apps and thought, man, this is very easy.

Learn Javascript BASICS

So all the work is done instantly and there is no need for any special JavaScript basics but as soon as I was doing a little bit inside React, I thought, everyone is doing React now, so now Shubham ji will have to do something different in the market. Who will explain that whatever everyone is doing in the market means that there will be demand for it, that is why everyone is doing it, but there are some things which have less demand, then it is obvious that less people are doing it. Keeping this concept aside, Shubham ji said. No, I have to study View JS, so Shubham ji started watching youtube 3s, then I realized that View has become old and now Svelte kit has arrived, so Shubham ji started watching Svelte kit and Shubham ji thought that man. And I have also read all this. Have I read the Svelte Kit? Have I become a front end engineer? At least I have become one to some extent.

Shubham ji may have watched one or two videos. I talked to some seniors and did not find out how to read Angular. No need, no need to read web pack because all the work is done through web pack only and Shubham ji set out to study these also and took some ideas and felt that man, I am not able to do all this, let’s back up and try now.

As soon as I started reading the back end, the first thing I found out was the back end of Nut Jae, which is Mearn Stack or Mean Stack, it is very popular these days, so let’s go to Nat Jae, then I found out that there is still a demand in the market around us. I know a little bit about PHP, maybe I read PHP, spent a day or two with PHP and Shubham ji felt that no, I am not getting my work done with PHP. Let’s run on Ruby on Rails.

No, I am not enjoying it either. Let’s do one thing. Let’s run on Jango, by the way, Python is so popular, maybe in the future, if I study Data Science, then I will study Jango and then Shubham watched a small video where he said that the industry uses Java, learn Java and Spring Boot, Shubham. I decided to purchase the course and started learning Java Spring Boot.

Learning Java Spring Boot

I read a little and then I thought, this Java is a bit complicated, maybe I do n’t know it. Let’s start Java again for three-four days. Shubham ji then Shubham ji thought that maybe I am not able to understand the back end because my database is not strong. Let us go out to read the database. Then Shubham ji got my sequel first and said that this should definitely come, now you are in data science. Whether you go into web development, everyone should come to My Sequel, so Shubham ji set out to read My Sequel, as soon as he read My Sequel, he said that nowadays Postgres is used more than My Sequel, read Postgres or MS SQL, then Shubham ji said. Thought let’s read Postgres and see, read Postgres for a few days, a new video came in which said why my sequel is no anchor a good database we need to switch in to no sequel database Shubham ji did a little research with GPT and chatted and came out Went to study no sequel database, start off course, read a little bit from Mango DB and understood something, after that he came to know in an article that Mango DB does not scale, so we will read Kendra and he set out to study Kendra as he Kendra read, another new database came in front of him that searching is also important, so we should read more about Elastic Search because if there is no search in an application, then what is the use of anything, so he set out to read Elastic Search and then some. We were scrolling through the latest updates, the database has arrived, now we should read Yo 4G, so Shivam ji said, let’s take the introduction of Yo 4G, but now see, we are making a big level application, so queue service will be installed.

It will seem that you will have to read the queue service, now it is necessary to read, now you are of the calf, SQS, why are you M, why are you rabbit MQ, these services will have to be read, because of the messages, so it is important to read, after reading a little, I found out this.

Advanced Topics to learn

We have advanced a little, let’s go back a little, we are not able to do that much right now, we were doing so much that our second year was over, as soon as we entered the third year, Shubham ji felt that man, all this is not in our control. We work in the cloud and run in the devs. There are many remote jobs these days, the packages are also very high and remote jobs are also available, so now let us move towards the story of our devs.

When we went to read the devs, the first thing we saw was Whatever application I make will be anx, it will have to be hosted somewhere, a web server will be required. I had just set out to study Agen when I realized that before using Agen, I should read a little about the cloud, there is no need of programming. So, I set out to study AW.

I set out to study AW and there A video of Hitesh was shown to him, there is everyone Hitesh here back again with another video, who said that nowadays the market share of Azor is rising, then he said, now let’s leave GCP and AWS and focus on Azor because Azor is rising. Because Hitesh made a video that Azor is rising, I went out to study Azor and thought of doing certification, read a little bit in Azor, understood a little, did not understand a little, came to the basic basic overview, after that thought, let’s go in some other direction.

Maybe this is not happening so much, so I thought, let’s move towards automation. Now if we move towards automation, the first thing I found was Amble. I thought, this is old technology, now I will have to study Chef. No, even Chef is not able to do its job. Need something more latest, the latest which is being used in the industry, read Jenkins, Jenkins is in the market nowadays, then someone told me, oh brother, all this is not done in devs, if you want to go in devs, then first of all learn Docker,learn Kuber Nitties, these How complete virtualization is done, how VM ware is done, we will have to learn all this, so Shubham ji set out to explore Blade Center, Grant and many other names, I got popular in the market and thought that I will have to learn all this, let’s go to Deps. Let’s try here, then by the end of the third year, Shubham came to know that this is not all, there is a demand for app development in the market, hey, I was doing wrong, I will have to learn app development for so long, now how is app development in India?

App development

The market demand is for A and it is better to make A core from A, so come on Shubham ji, he set out to learn Java, then someone told him, immediately switch from Java to Cutlin because Cutlin is a better language in the market. Experience will also be useful and nowadays there is a lot of heat going on in it, there is a lot of demand, then I felt ashamed, I started learning android1 IO and found out from Objective C, not Swift4, from the market that these days core development has become dead. Core AI development has become dead these days. The platform is running. Cham ji has started a series. My main YouTube3 ji is also talking about Flutter. There is a lot of demand for Flutter in the market. You should learn Flutter. React Native is old. Now no one is working on it. Nowadays Flutter is the modern one, let’s move on to Flutter.

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