IBM Virtual Internships for College Students: 4 Weeks Internship with Free Certificate

Calling all tech-savvy college students! IBM Virtual Internships is your chance to supercharge your resume and gain real-world experience – all in just four intensive weeks. Open to all academic backgrounds, this program offers a flexible online format, allowing you to learn from industry experts without disrupting your busy schedule. Plus, you’ll receive a valuable free certificate upon completion, showcasing your newfound skills to potential employers.

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IBM Virtual Internships for College Students: 4 Weeks Internship with Free Certificate

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About the IBM

Big Blue, also known as International Business Machines Corporation (under the IBM trademark), is a multinational technology business based in Armonk, New York, with operations in more than 175 nations. With 19 research sites spread across 12 countries, IBM is the largest industrial research organization in the world. From 1993 to 2021, the company held the record for the most yearly U.S. patents generated by a firm for 29 years in a row.

The IBM mainframe, represented by the System/360, dominated the global computing landscape in the 1960s and 1970s, accounting for 70% of computers produced globally and 80% of computers in the United States.

The company started cutting back on operations and moving away from producing commodities in the 1990s. In 2005, it sold its personal computer segment to the Lenovo Group. Since then, IBM has focused on software, supercomputers, computer services, and scientific research. Its supercomputers have continuously been among the strongest in the world since 2000. In 2001, it broke the record for the most patents issued in a single year by generating over 3,000 patents; in 2008, it surpassed this record with over 4,000 patents. The business owned 150,000 patents as of 2022.

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About the IBM Virtual Internships

Participate in the SkillsBuild Internship! This is your chance to delve deeply into the useful abilities needed to be successful! During this four-week internship, you will gain knowledge and experience that will improve your employability and confidence in the field. The internship experience provided by the SkillsBuild for College Program is life-changing for students. Industry-aligned skills in AI, ML, and cloud computing are developed through practical projects. Students are better prepared for the workforce by the program’s emphasis on real-world issues. In order to enhance the internship experience and promote future job success, access to Industry Cloud Services and professional mentor connections are essential. Acquire a competitive advantage and realize your full potential in the digital age by joining us.

Benefits and Perks

Industry educational materials and software owned by IBM Virtual Internships are accessible. Availability of Free Cloud-Based Services and Educational Materials for Cloud-Based Research Obtain real-world experience with cutting-edge, new technologies, which are highly sought after in the job market. Work together to develop cloud-based applications, share resources, and cooperate with others on group projects. Acquire internationally and professionally recognized badges and certificates to improve your employability.

Also, ReadMalware Analysis & Incident Response for IT Technicians:Udemy Free Course Coupon

Who can apply?

Only those candidates can apply who:

  1. are from Any,
  2. and specialisation from Any,
  3. are available for duration of 6 Weeks
  4. have relevant skills and interests

Terms of Engagement

Going After Technical Education MCA, BCA, or BTech Computer science, information technology, electronics, and related fields are expected for vocational ITI, diploma, mechanical, and civil disciplines. The Program will be open for students from pre final and final year of their technical degree Valid College domain Email IDs for registration on IBM Cloud Access to PC or Laptop with OS installed for Hands on project on cloud Basic knowledge of python ad AI or MI

Number of IBM Virtual Internships openings

IBM Virtual Internships openings number of 10000


this internship expired on 30-Jun-2024

How To Apply?

If you are an Interested Candidate You can apply For the IBM Virtual Internships for College Students: 4 Weeks Internship Free Certificate Click Here


Is there a cost to participate?

No! IBM Virtual Internships are completely free to participate. You’ll gain valuable experience and a certificate without any financial burden.

What are IBM Virtual Internships?

IBM Virtual Internships offer college students a flexible and immersive learning experience in in-demand tech fields. Through a 4-week online program, you’ll gain practical skills and complete real-world projects under the guidance of industry experts.

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