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Learning in the Udemy Free Course

  • The fundamentals of web analytics, including its principles and objectives
  • The importance of Key Performance Indicators, and how to track them
  • Mastery of your website’s Google Analytics 4 setup
  • Ability to craft an intuitive Google Analytics 4 interface
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager to track custom events and conversions
  • Effective data analysis through segmentation and filtering
  • Navigating standard reports and custom reports in Google Analytics 4
  • Advanced analysis with GA4 Exploration
  • Expert setting of the e-commerce block
  • Seamless integration with Google’s suite of products, including Google Ads, Tag Manager, and Search Console

Benefits of Udemy Free Course?


  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing is desirable, but not required
  • It is recommended to have a website to execute the steps taught in this course
  • Completion of all practical tasks increases the effectiveness of the course


In today’s digital age, the Internet’s pervasive influence and technological advancements have made web analytics an indispensable cornerstone for any successful online business.

Become a web analyst, a high-yield professional dedicated to processing, managing, and analyzing data across your company’s digital ventures and third-party traffic channels. Web analysts are essential in enhancing website efficiency, expanding subscriber bases, and increasing user visits. As the driving force behind data-driven decisions, web analysts are indispensable in diverse sectors, including IT companies, service providers, sales domains, e-commerce enterprises, video hosting platforms, and more. If you want to learn more about the dynamic world of web analytics and marketing, don’t hesitate to join us and embark on this transformative learning journey today!


  1. What is web analytics and why is it needed?
  2. Aligning business goals according to the Smart-methodology
  3. Understanding key indicators, such as events, conversions, impressions, clicks, bounce rates, Click-Through Rate (CTR), return on investment (ROI), and customer lifetime value (LTV), etc
  4. An overview of basic and advanced web analytics tools that allow you to track and analyze large amounts of data (Google Analytics 4, Piwik PRO, SimilarWeb, Hotjar, Calltracking, Funnel io, and others)
  5. Mastery of essential skills for becoming a sought-after Web Analytics professional
  6. Analysis of differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics
  7. Benefits of using Google Tag Manager
  8. An overview of the main elements of the Google Analytics 4 user interface and the report library
  9. Increasing data accuracy by removing internal IP data from Google Analytics 4 reports
  10. Setting up different types of Events, such as Automatically collected events, Enhanced measurement events, Recommended events, Custom events
  11. Conversion tracking with Google Analytics 4
  12. Audience targeting with Google Analytics 4
  13. Working with the URL Builder tool
  14. Customizing Standard and Custom reports in the Google Analytics 4
  15. Advanced analysis with Exploration in Google Analytics 4
  16. Installing an e-commerce tracking system
  17. Integration with various Google products (such as Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Search Console, and others)
  18. Analysis of a variety of reports to formulate actionable conclusions
  19. Effective presentation of data


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  • I’ve personally collected a vast amount of digital marketing qualifications and marketing certifications (Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads360 Certified, and others)
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Theory: 8+ hours of lectures with plenty of hands-on examples. Lessons range from 3 to 15 minutes and are easy to follow

Practice Materials: Checklists, templates, and video tutorials to make the course more interactive and valuable

Lifetime access to the course and any future updates

24/7 Support: If you have questions, I will always be willing to answer them

Complete the course and receive an Udemy certificate


Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Tag Assistant, Google Search Console, Google Ads, DebugView, Piwik PRO, OptiMonk, Miro, and other important tools


This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Enroll in this Google Analytics 4 course to start analyzing your project today!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Web Analytics Enthusiasts: Individuals beginning their web analytics journey, seeking a comprehensive understanding of this field.
  • Marketing Visionaries: Marketing, brand, and advertising managers entrusted with planning and organizing marketing events and initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurs and Marketing Leaders: Marketers and business directors aiming to gain strategies for managing campaigns or overseeing external marketing partners.

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