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Learning in the Udemy Free Course

  • Criminological Approach to Scenario
  • Psychology behind the crime
  • What makes you criminal ?
  • Psychological Positivism behind Crime
  • How to define Criminal
  • Criminal Psychology
  • The history of criminology and criminal psychology
  • Explore the evolution of criminology and criminal psychology throughout history
  • Discover the crucial role of crime scene investigators and the CSI process in criminal investigations
  • Learn about various types of crime scenes and effective evidence collection methods
  • Master the art of conducting thorough crime scene investigations
  • Unpack the intricacies of the psychology behind criminal behavior
  • Understand the root causes of criminal activity and how to prevent it
  • Analyze the diverse characteristics and traits of different types of offenders
  • Gain insights into the workings of the criminal justice system and the vital role of law enforcement
  • Explore the most popular theories of crime and deviance
  • Delve into the different types of crimes including violent, property, and white-collar offenses
  • Classify and identify serial killers based on their specific behaviors and characteristics
  • Gain a deep understanding of the psychology behind mass murderers and spree killers
  • Discover the pivotal role of forensic psychology in criminal investigations
  • Learn how to effectively use criminal profiling to solve complex criminal cases
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of victimology and its role in criminal investigations
  • Discover the nuances of eyewitness testimony and its impact on criminal cases
  • Learn effective techniques for interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • Gain insight into the science of analyzing physical evidence in criminal investigations
  • Discover the importance of DNA evidence in criminal investigations
  • Learn how to analyze fingerprints and other types of physical evidence in forensic investigations
  • Gain knowledge about bloodstain pattern analysis and its role in criminal investigations
  • Understand the science behind shoe and tire impression analysis
  • Learn about ballistics evidence and how it is used in criminal investigations
  • Gain knowledge about tool mark analysis and other types of physical evidence
  • Explore the process of conducting a psychological autopsy in criminal cases
  • Discover the crucial role of criminal psychology in courtroom proceedings
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the jury selection process and the psychology behind juror decision-making
  • Learn about the use of expert witnesses in criminal cases
  • Discover the significance of ethical considerations in criminal investigations
  • Gain insights into the future of criminology and criminal psychology research and practice.

Benefits of Udemy Free Course?


  • No requirements or prerequisities
  • and more awesome and unique topics ->


While acquainting students with criminal science, focusing on how is fundamental, different ideas and standards of hypothetical improvement are woven into how we might interpret. This part starts with a concise conversation of such ideas as wrongdoing, criminal, degenerate, criminal science, law enforcement, and agreement and struggle viewpoints of criminology. The accompanying segment presents an overall rundown of the unique phases of the grown-up law enforcement system, as well as the adolescent equity. The first section of our Criminology and Criminal psychology training presents a general summary of the different stages of the criminal justice system, as well as the justice system. Next, this section illustrates how criminology informs policies and programs. Unfortunately, there are instances when policies are not founded
on criminological theory and rigorous research, but are more of an interesting reaction to perceived problems. The second section provides an overview of victimology and various issues related to victims of crime.

Crime, like so many things in our social world, has a certain taken-for-granted or common-sense nature. When we use the term, we assume the category is meaningful; that is, we assume that those to whom we are talking will understand what we’re

talking about and will tend to use the term in the same way as we do. This, of course, is the basis upon which the social world operates on assumptions about the taken-for-granted meaningfulness of the vocabulary we use and the behaviours we enact. The word crime is used regularly in everyday conversation. That it is used in this manner implies that there is a sufficient level of common understanding for it to be meaningful. On one level, this is undoubtedly the case.

However, this masks a number of complexities. As we will see, identifying the boundary between acts that are crimes, and acts which are not crimes, is often far from straightforward.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Criminologists

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