3 Step Innovation for Uncertain Business – Road to Davinci:Udemy Free Course Coupon

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Learning in the Udemy Free Course

  • 52 Curated Evidence based on a lot of Books, Evidence, and Experiences.Innovation Strategy – Where to play? e.g. Disruptive Innovation, Sustaining Innovation, etc.Innovation Strategy – How to win? e.g. Individual, Team and Organizational Innovative Idea Creation, etc.Innovation Tips, e.g. +10%, +15-25%, +40-70%, +80%, +1000%, +1% Rules of Innovation.Case Study and Consideration to Apply Easy 3 Steps to Your BusinessEasy 3 Steps Innovative Ideas Creation Proactively

Benefits of Udemy Free Course?


  • Business Experiences, e.g. Management of projects, problem-solving, design thinking, etc.


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About this course & What you will learn

  • Why do you learn innovation?
    • To go ahead with business in your company? 
    • To be an entrepreneur?
  • Are you an Innovator?
    • If not, what do you do?
  • Do you know the innovation strategy? easy way to apply it?

In this course, you will learn Innovation StrategyTips, and the creation of innovative ideas proactively with Easy 3 Steps.

  • Section 1: Assess your innovation score & 2 Innovation quick win
    1. If you get a low innovation score. It’s Ok. No problem! Why?
    2. Do you catch up with new technologies?
  • Section 2: Digital Transformation (DX) and Innovation Strategy, Where to Play & How to win?
    1. What is the relationship between DX and Innovation?
    2. Individual idea creation, Learn from Innovator’s DNA by Clayton Christensen
    3. Team idea creation as a leader, What is the AER framework?
    4. Organization innovative culture creation, Is your company Purpose driven company?
  • Section3: Innovation Tips, +10%, +15~25%, +40~70%, +80%, +1000%,+1% Rules
  • Section4: Creation of innovative ideas proactively with easy 3 steps including a case study
    1. Assessment & Davinci List
    2. Framework application
    3. Innovation Checklist to enhance innovation

At a glance

  • The evidence-based course was made from 52 quotations, 21 articles, 18 books, and 13 pieces of internet information with practices.
  • Institution: Roy Ashizawa, Specialist in Business Strategy and Learning & Development with 20+ certifications

Who this course is for:

  • Main Target: Middle to Young career employees who concern about the way of innovation in tasks & projects
  • Main Target: People who are thinking to start side hustle, be an entrepreneur
  • Optional: Experienced employees and Entrepreneurs who would like to know confirm your understanding and connect the dots in the brain regarding innovation.
  • Optional: Educators

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